The Maker’s Quest

The Maker’s Quest explores the journey of making things and living a creative life. From how to be creative, design things, and bring those things to life through physical fabrication or digital mediums. Join us on our quest to explore the world of how to make things and meet other makers.

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Saturday Apr 27, 2024

The guys talk about staying safe in the shop, how to stay safe, wanting to look out to keep you safe, and developing good shop habits.  They finish the episode by sharing some of their horror of unfortunate shop accidents; the end gets gruesome, so you've been warned!
Hosted by
Brian Benham
Brian On Instagram:
Greg Porter On Instagram: YouTube:
Show Notes on Shop Saftey Tips
Don't force it, or bad things will happen
Complacency is the root of many shop safety issues
Take breaks when doing repetitive tasks so your mind doesn't wander.
A riving knife will help prevent kickback of large and small parts.
The guys don't think a SawStop will make you complacent.  You adjust to your surroundings, no matter what the tool is, so you make yourself complacent.
Can you afford to lose a finger? Don't cut your nose off to spite your face.
Don't reach across the blade, and remember to turn it off when not using it.
Keeping control of the waste on a CNC machine is just as important as control over the part.
The two most important rules of making are to keep your tools sharp and approach your work with finesse.
Work holding, work holding, work holding.

Saturday Apr 06, 2024

In this episode, the guys talk about their experiences at tradeshows, art galleries, and arts and crafts shows. They talk about what they do to make the show successful and things that are challenging.
Hosted by
Brian Benham 
Portfolio: Brian On Instagram: Furniture
Greg Porter On Instagram: YouTube:
Show Notes
Sometimes, the best contacts you make at a show are with other vendors for B2B business.
Not everyone gets enough orders at the show to pay for the booth fee, but people often remember you and become future customers.
The general rule of marketing is 1 out of 1000.  On average you have to hand out 1000 business cards to get 1 customer. or 1000 clicks to get a sale, etc.
Sharing a booth fee can help bring down the cost, but check the booth rules to be sure you aren't breaking their rules and get kicked out.
 Have literature that customers can take with them so they can look you up later.
 Present yourself in a professional, friendly manner; don't have RBF (Resting Brian Face)

New Projects In The Work Shop

Saturday Feb 24, 2024

Saturday Feb 24, 2024

Today, we take a break from discussing designs and making topics and talk a little about what we have going on in our shops: current projects, new projects on the horizon, and the daily grind of being a maker.
Show Notes
Brian has a large steel table base in the shop, working on new patination processes.  The sheer size makes him wish he had a shop helper to help schlep it around.
He had challenges controlling the chemicals to get the colors he was looking for
Brian has a new bed project in the wings. Greene and Greene inspired
Greg is trying to fill a void in the guitar market but can't find electronic parts made in the US and is forced to look overseas.
That product is a side heated side bender for acoustic guitars.
He really wanted to source everything in the US, but nobody made the parts he needed, so he had to find someone on the global market and import the electronics.
There are a lot of Challenges in prototyping a new product.
Hosted by
Brian Benham
Portfolio On Instagram: Furniture
Greg Porter On Instagram: YouTube:

Saturday Jan 20, 2024

Curt creates handmade pens from Titanium that are precision machined in his home workshop.   He got his start from his curiosity in machining and CAD.  He created a pen for himself and started carrying it around with him, and people noticed and commented on the quality.  It wasn't long before he was able to quit his job and make pens full-time.
You can connect with Curt at
Instagram: @confoundedmachine
Hosted by
Brian Benham On Instagram: Furniture
Greg Porter On Instagram: YouTube:

Friday Dec 08, 2023

Today, we talked with Custom Drum maker Bryan Bales.  Bryan got his start in drum making from his curiosity of wanting to learn how to make drums and his love for making things.
Bryan can be found on Instagram at Bales5000, his YouTube is Bales5000, and he is active on Instructables, sharing his drum and prop builds,
When he is not building crazy experimental drums or over-the-top Halloween costumes, he works with his friend at Calderwood Percussion, building high-end custom drums.
Hosted by
Greg Porter On Instagram: YouTube:
Brian Benham On Instagram: Furniture
Thank you.

Friday Nov 03, 2023

Is social media still a viable way to promote your business, or is the new business model to be a content creator, making products secondary?
Today, we talk about our past successes and our future strategies for getting our products out in front of people.
Show Notes
Instagram Top 9 in the hashtags, is it still a thing
Brian says Social Media no longer sends him much passive income
Organic growth on social media is dead
You  have to sell your sole to the algorithm to grow
Social media companies have lost the importance of community
Selling on Amazon is a huge pain but can pay off
Passive income can bring in big dollars but takes time to build up.
Andy Birkey: "Some days you make art, some days you make rent."
Aprentachips will teach you a lot; do it before you have responsibilities.
SEO and blogs might make a comeback if social media totally falls apart.
At the end of the day, it's still an outlet to get your message out in the world; you just have to keep up with the changes
Hosted by
Greg Porter On Instagram: YouTube:
Brian Benham On Instagram: Furniture

Friday Oct 06, 2023

Tonight, we talk about how to price your work so you can run a successful business and put food on your table.  Whether it is pricing a custom piece or a mass-manufactured piece, we've got you covered with a few tips you can implement today to price your work for success!
Hosted by
Brian Benham
Greg Porter

Friday Aug 25, 2023

The Unhealthy Pursuit of Perfection, we have all been there.  Every one of us who makes things tries to make it perfect, but perfection is a fool's earned and unattainable.  The more you know, the more you know you don't know.   In this episode, we talk about how the pursuit of Perfection can reach unhealthy levels and what we do to stay sane and continue our maker's quest.
Hosted by
Greg Porter On Instagram:
Brian Benham On Instagram: Furniture

Monday Aug 14, 2023

This is a common issue for creatives that make things. We all have active imaginations; we can visualize lots of things.  Then the distractions come into play. We are drawn to the new shiny project or derailed by a project that we have to do to make money to keep the bills paid.
Greg Porter On Instagram:
Brian Benham On Instagram: Furniture

Friday May 26, 2023

In this episode, the guys talk about the power of staying curious and how it will help you stay creative in your journey as a  maker.
Show notes:
Hosted by
Greg Porter On Instagram:
Brian Benham On Instagram: Furniture

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